Celebrity Scandals. Do They Really Matter?

Published: 07th September 2011
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Celebrity scandals often seem to dominate the popular news.Everywhere you look you can read about the tragic, humorous and silly mistakes made by the latest celebrity sensation.

And it all seems to be focus on bad or inappropriate behaviour.

Without a doubt, the Medias fixation with providing us with accounts of celebrity scandals has created its own 'celebrity news' industry. But is it really important of just so much hot air?

Let's not forget, however, that many readers just love a good celebrity scandal. We can enjoy the spectacle of the lovely Paris Hilton being escorted to jail or a drunken rock band member throwing a punch at a predatory paparazzi. And there are certainly a mass of celebrity escapades for the media and paparazzi to fully exploit for the insatiable celebrity news market.

Love or hate them, the celebrity media is expert at creating stories that can appear sensational. Thatís their job after all. And many fans are so fixated with their favourite celebrity that they often feel that such news can affect them in a very personal way.

Of course, for the television networks, reporting the antics of a famous celebrity can massively improve their ratings at a minimum cost.

The 'talking heads' of the various expert, discussion groups are relatively cheap to employ to fill out a story. And the same issue can be repeated on a cable channel for the next week or so. Itís all good value from the media's viewpoint.

Recently, a survey was carried it to discover just what the American public thought of all this Ďcelebrity news gossipí coverage. It concluded that over 87% of the public considered celebrity scandals as being over exposed. Too much time was wasted on covering celebrity shenanigans.

But then who really is to blame for the apparently over indulgence in this kind of celebrity coverage?

Well, the survey also pointed out that the majority of the public blamed the media. Surprise, surprise!

But wait a minute.

If the public was not interested in the celebrity world - good or bad -then would the media spend their money on covering celebrity scandals?

Letís be honest, the public want to know when a celebrity falls on his/her ass or performs some embarrassing stunt in a restaurant. So long as the demand is healthy, the press will produce the goods.

It is probably true that the often dysfunctional, personal lives of celebrities absorb too much media coverage. And many accuse it of helping to "dumb down" Western society in general. That may have some truth.

In the Western world, we are generally at liberty to spend our time as we please. We can immerse ourselves in the unreal, celebrity heaven created and perpetuated by the press. Or we can take a more balanced view of life and spend some time viewing the important news stories of the day. And for the responsible majority, that is probably the case.

Celebrity scandals are as old as the hills and every now and then most of us like to take a casual stroll over the horizon - just for curiosities sake!

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